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This week’s tech quandary had to do with a seemingly functioning MacBook Air whose screen just did not want to wake up despite the usual restart attempts and commands.

First Step for MacBook Air Screen Fix…

is to remove the back of the laptop by unscrewing a slew of tiny screws – BE SURE to put the screws in a safe place and note which ones are different sizes.

MacBook Screen Fix

Second Step for MacBook Air Screen Fix…

is to locate and disconnect the battery – I used the flat end of a plastic iPhone tool which closely resembles a Flathead screw driver.  Be delicate so as to not stretch the ribbon; you need to only gently disconnect this tab and that is it!

MacBook Air Screen Fix

Third Step for MacBook Air Screen Fix…

Is to plug the laptop charger back in.  Once you connect you should hear the computer boot back up pretty quickly.  If it does not, remove the charger and try again. *Option: run a time machine backup to make sure you have a copy of all the data.

MackBook Screen Fix

Final Step for MacBook Air Screen Fix…

Gently reconnect battery and put laptop together – work slowly with those tiny screws!

*Mark is not responsible for any damages to your property.

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