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How to Double the Speed of Your Mac

By November 19, 2015October 22nd, 2017No Comments

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they want to go faster: run faster, drive faster, get rich faster, surf the web faster, and yes, mess around on their computer, faster.

This mid-life crisis, however, may come at a point where investing in a new machine is not an option. After all, we often are willing to spend more on Macs because we think that they have a longer life than PCs… right?  So why isn’t our machine operating at peak performance, and probably more importantly, why do we keep seeing the spinning wheel of death?

What if I told you it would take less than 100$ to get your machine running in top shape and that you didn’t need to take your computer into the dreaded Apple Store? It is true. And it will take you less than 10 minutes to do this upgrade yourself.

Step One:

Determine what year, make, and model laptop you have. You can find this information from: Apple -> About This Mac -> More Info -> Memory.

For this tutorial, I am working with a Mid-2010 Macbook, which has two memory slots available.

Step Two:

Find out how much memory your laptop/computer is capable of handling. With these older machines, you will find two “bridged” slots that can handle up to 8GB of Memory – 2 X 4 GB cards – often referred to as an 8GB KIT.

Once you determine how much RAM your machine can take, order new cards from here: Mac Memory Cards

Step Three:

Open up your Mac. Flip it over and take out the screws.


Step Four:

Locate the memory modules.

the mind of mark

Step Five:

Take Out Existing Cards.  Press lightly on the flexed plastic arms (Red Arrows) to release the existing cards. They will easily pop out.

mac tutorial

Step Six:

Replace Old Modules with New Modules

mac tutorialThe new modules will slide and click right into place.  You needn’t force them – you can gently apply pressure and feel them snap in.  After they snap in, delicately press them down into place.  Done and done.

Finally, put on the back cover and screw in all the screws.  Start up computer and enjoy the new speed!


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